We offer a variety of accessories in order to suit your costuming needs.

  • Gloves: Wrist to shoulder length, nylon, spandex, lace, net, and others
  • Tights: Bright colors, fishnets, pantyhose, thigh-highs, striped, and others
  • Feathers: Ostrich, Coque, Peacock, Pheasant as well as Chandelle and Maribou Boas
  • Jewelry: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, tiaras, and crowns
  • Ties: Neckties and bow ties in a variety of patterns and colors
  • Kits: Kits include pieces for mouse, cat, tiger, and dog costumes as well as others
  • Shoes: Go-go boots, platform shoes for men and women, Santa boots and more
  • Weapons: Swords, guns, knives, whips, and others
  • Masks: Eye masks (simple or fancy) and full latex masks (including political, skulls, demons, werewolves, animals, etc.


For some examples of our accessories, please view the gallery below: